Greetings fellow cycle feinds! It is time once again to sharpen the skills to conquer the hills. ( a whole lot of flat stuff I hear.) I am watching the calander and am anxious to meet the new “team Navy”. After last year’s hilly welcome I am sure I will be able to make this years course should the weather not be on the other side of the normal temp. I can do hot so long as there is plenty of H2O.

        I did notice we had a few more folks this year than last year and wondered if we were still having one SAG vehicle. My wife would be happy to offer her services should the need arise for more drivers. My contact info has not changed since last year so feel free to drop me a line or give me a shout. Until them let’s get some team chatter going and pump up the group! BTY I bought another chair and it is Mossy Oak. Not exactly CB CUU but close enough for me.

                                                                              Ready to Roll,

                                                                              Clayton Knepp